Spring Car Maintenance in Vineland, NJ

Spring Car Maintenance

Kalina Bradley's Blog | Spring Car Maintenance

Now that Old Man Winter is packing his bags, we know spring is just around the corner. You may have spent the entire winter dreaming about those road trips you want to take. So, as the temperatures rise, it’s time to put your best-laid plans into action. You will want to make sure that your vehicle is all ready for travel before you hit the road. Be sure to check out the following tips to get a head start on preparing your car, truck, or SUV for spring. Once you have taken care of the items below, you’ll feel confident that your ride is ready for those fun spring road trips.

  • Check your A/C–'Tis the season for A/C! There are fewer things worse than getting in a hot car and turning on the A/C and feeling nothing but warm air. Make sure that your car is ready for those first warm days by testing the air conditioning system. Turn on your A/C and run the fan at all speeds. Does the air feel as cold as it should? Does the fan blow correctly at all speeds? If something in the A/C is not right, take your vehicle to your mechanic to have the cooling system examined.
  • Repair chips and dings–Winter weather can wreak havoc on our cars and snow and ice-covered roads can lead to scratches and dents in the paint and exterior of a car’s surface.

Getting these repairs done not only ensures your car looks its best but it also helps it hold its value, which is important if you ever sell or trade-in your vehicle.

  • Restock emergency kit - Spring is a perfect time to examine your roadside emergency kit. Remove all those winter-specific items like tire chains, kitty litter, winter jackets, and boots. Take inventory of your kit and make sure all the essentials in excellent condition and in date. Check the working condition of all electronics and replace any batteries. Check your spare tire and make sure it is inflated to the proper level? Switch out your bottled water and make sure you have enough in case your car overheats? Taking care of these things now will ensure that you’ll be prepared if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road.
  • Spring clean your vehicle - Spring cleaning isn’t limited to just your house. After a long winter, your car could also use a good deep cleaning. Salt, sand, and dirt coat not only the outside of your vehicle but your floor mats. Begin the cleanup by running your car through the car wash or hand wash it yourself. Make sure you clean the floor mats along with the entire interior. After everything inside is clean, use a good protectant to seal in the clean.

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