5 Reasons Why April is a Great Month to Buy a Car in Vineland, NJ

5 Reasons Why April is a Great Month to Buy a Car

Kalina Bradley's Blog | 5 Reasons Why April is a Great Month to Buy a Car

April! It’s a time for saying goodbye to the cold and hello to the warm, longer days. And if you’re thinking about buying a car, April might just be the month to do it. There are plenty of reasons to buy or lease in April, so let’s get behind the wheel and discover some of them. 

1. Cool Winter Savings

Hopefully, you’ve buckled down and saved some money over the winter. If you have, then you’ve got a little money set aside to help you pick up a car that you’ve had your eye on. A little savings will go a long way toward helping you dress up your driveway with a shiny ride.

2.Tax Refund Time!

Need I say more? It almost feels like free money, and when you really want to upgrade your ride, that extra money can come in handy! All you need to do is get in contact with me, put a few bucks down with that tax refund money (if it’s needed), and drive away in your new car.  

3. More Options

There are many great used cars available in April. Why? Because so many people trade in their cars in the spring, which leaves you with a wide range of choices that make it a great month to buy a car. Let someone else break the car in for you, and take advantage of the reduced price. 

4. Leftovers = Savings

You can save hundreds or even thousands by buying last year’s models. They are just as well, and you don’t have to break the bank to get one. Many people wait for the new models to come out, which creates opportunities to get into a new car at a discount. Just be sure to purchase in April because come May and June, last year’s inventory starts to dwindle. 

5.Reward Your Hard Work

You’ve been working hard all year and you deserve to treat yourself. Seriously, life’s too short not to reward yourself for all the work you do. Why NOT enjoy the car you drive every day when you work so hard to make a living? April is a perfect month to spring into action and get behind the wheel of a car you can be proud to own. Don’t just dream about it, take the keys and drive away in the car you’ve earned.

While these are all good reasons, you really only need one reason to buy a car in April: you deserve it! Contact me today for some info on the best vehicles to get into around this time, we have plenty of inventory here on our lot!


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