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5 Reasons Why April is a Great Month to Buy a Car

April! It’s a time for saying goodbye to the cold and hello to the warm, longer days. And if you’re thinking about buying a car, April might just be the month to do it....

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What is Hydroplaning & How Can You Drive Safely This Spring

With the icy roads of winter behind most of us, we’re all eager to cruise down the highway with our hair in the wind and our vehicles on cruise control. However, even if...

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The Why & When of Changing Your Car's Air Filter

Your vehicle's engine efficiency is highly dependent on your air filter. In order for your engine to work as efficiently as it can, it needs air as well as gasoline. The air filter sucks in the air to mix with the...

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Spring Car Maintenance

Now that Old Man Winter is packing his bags, we know spring is just around the corner. You may have spent the entire winter dreaming about those road trips you want to take. So, as the temperatures rise, it’s...

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5 Terrible Reasons to Keep an Older Car

The average number of years that people keep their cars has increased, especially since the recession when people were hesitant (or unable) to upgrade their vehicles. There are lots of...

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How to Properly Disinfect Your Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of COVID-19 moving across the country, we all know how contagious it is. We have heard about washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces. Those two factors are the best way to defend against the...

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